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Everyone knows
someone you don’t.

we are women who

  • love what they do

  • are passionate about work

  • help other women level up

our community offers a uniquely diverse
group of women who are dedicated to empowerinG ALL women in business and supporting each other.

if you are looking for additional support & community in your professional or personal life, you’re in the right spot

Whether you’re looking to connect with women in your industry or expand into other verticals, our events provide a platform to cultivate invaluable relationships. GWGWG invites all women, and those who identify as female; to create meaningful connections and work together to give back to charity. By attending our event you’re already doing the work to elevate your life and help us create awareness for charities that make a difference in our communities.



Girls With Goals Who Give is dedicated to empowering women, creating meaningful connections amongst entrepreneurs, and elevating the lives of others through networking.

We work together to give back to charity and add value to each others lives.


our purpose

Our organization provides a platform for women in business to build upon their current networks and cultivate real connections with like minded women.

By creating meaningful, real connections, our collective supports growth both personally and professionally.

GWGWG strategically partners with charities and organizations that embody our values with regard to philanthropy and the importance of giving back.



I want to connect female entrepreneurs and working women, who see the value in networking and want to elevate their lives by connecting with others. I think when people connect over business, other elements can emerge; once in a lifetime friendships and opportunities to help people in different ways.
— Lisa Friesel, Co-Founder GWGWG
Networking is an art. In most cases it is a learned skill, which for some people, is out of their comfort zone. Stepping into that unknown arena, especially as a female in the business world, can be intimidating. Our goal is to help break the ice, facilitate connections & create valuable friendships along the way. Our mission is to show our community and women everywhere, how rewarding working together and giving back truly is.