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bergen family center

THE Mission: BFC strengthens communities by providing services to individuals, families and children that enhance their ability to function independently, manage challenges and improve the quality of their lives. 

THE Vision: BFC is a recognized leader in providing quality and comprehensive human services to people of all ages.


susan g. komen

What was started with $200 and a shoebox full of potential donor names has now grown into the world’s largest nonprofit source of funding for the fight against breast cancer. To date. investing more than $2.9 billion in groundbreaking research, community health outreach, advocacy and programs in more than 60 countries. susan g. komen efforts helped reduce deaths from breast cancer by 40 percent between 1989-2016.


nicu at NY presbyterian hospital

NewYork-Presbyterian has a long tradition of providing exceptional obstetrics care to women in New York City. Since the late 19th century, our maternity facilities have held a reputation for low infant mortality rates, and groundbreaking developments in the advancement of women’s and children’s health — including developing amniocentesis test to determine certain genetic disorders in utero and the Apgar score, five criteria used to evaluate the health of newborns.